Staff & Board Members

PRESIDENT: Hope Douglas

Hope Douglas earned a Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University majoring in counseling and education. She was Executive Director of Child and Family Agency of Southeastern CT for ten years. She is board certified as a hypnotherapist and a forensic hypnotist. While visiting a teacher in Florida, Hope founded NEST, a nonprofit organization called the National Eagle Sanctuary Trust to protect Bald Eagle nests in the state. Upon returning to Connecticut she founded Wind Over Wings in her parents’ garage. Hope was President of the Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Association and was Vice President of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council as well as its Executive Director. She taught wildlife conservation internationally including India and Peru. She has illustrated 14 books on wildlife and on physical disabilities. Hope received the J. Edgar Hoover Award for excellence in teaching and is featured in Who’s Who in the World. Hope was recently interviewed by 207! Click here to see the video.


Dr. Herman graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University in 1977. She practiced at a progressive small animal hospital outside of Boston for 12 years before moving to Maine. In 1993 she began seriously studying homeopathy with Dr. Richard Pitcairn, a well-known veterinary homeopath who has been teaching veterinarians classical homeopathy since the early 1990s. In 1994, Dr. Herman finished the Professional Introductory Course in Veterinary Homeopathy and then became certified in veterinary homeopathy in March of 1996. She completed the Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy in 1998. In addition to coursework through the Animal Natural Health Center, Dr. Herman is also studying with Dr. Andre Saine, founder of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, and with David Little, a homeopathic practitioner in India who is a highly respected, international scholar in classical homeopathy. Dr. Herman opened the Animal Wellness Center in the spring of 1995, which focuses on the holistic approach to animal care and behavior with an emphasis in homeopathy. She has been published in the Journal of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and the Journal of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and has a featured column in the magazine, Maine Food and Lifestyle. Dr. Herman is a board member for Avian Haven of Freedom, Maine, and is the homeopath for several animal nonprofit organizations. She is the founder of the Companion for Life Program, which enables the terminally ill, victims of domestic violence and shut ins keep their companions. She is also the founder of Animeals, which helps feed animals owned by Meals on Wheels recipients. Dr. Herman is also an avid gardener, and artist. She lives in Maine with her Golden Retriever, Bryan, and her cat, Danny.


hfHelen Frazier joined Wind Over Wings in 2011 as a volunteer and bird enthusiast. Her life-long interest in birds started as a child when she tried to save a hummingbird that had flown into a grocery store window. As a volunteer for Wind Over Wings, Helen now enjoys teaching others how to help prevent birds from suffering accidents like flying into windows. Born and raised in Portland, Maine, Helen is a wealth of information when it comes to local history and culture, and is always keen to share her stories with those who might not be as familiar with the area. As an extension of her love of the outdoors, Helen has recently taken up vegetable gardening and is hopeful that her many hours spent out in the yard might even lead to a few rare bird sightings. As Helen continues to learn and work more with birds, she hopes that her passion for these beautiful creatures will spread, and she looks forward to many more programs with Wind Over Wings.


sbSue Barker graduated from UCLA with a BA in English and from Northern Arizona University with an MA in Rhetoric and Composition. She was an educator for 38 years, teaching elementary students through college freshmen. Sue began volunteering at Wind Over Wings after enrolling in an Adult Education course Hope Douglas taught in Bath, Maine.



TREASURER: Carol Fackler

cfCarol Fackler has been a volunteer with Wind Over Wings since 2003. After a long career in emergency nursing practice in Boston, she earned a Doctor of Nursing Science degree from Yale. Carol is a consultant on nursing practice, leadership, and healthcare policy.





Patricia Cebrelli

pcPatricia Cebrelli has a background in literature, languages, and the arts. She is a former museum curator of education and middle school instructor of English, art, and history, as well as high school instructor of American and world literature. She is a visual artist with a passion for international travel and exploration, and of course— birds of prey. Patricia has been a volunteer with Wind Over Wings since viewing her first WOW program at her local library in the summer of 2005, and an active board member since 2006. Under the mentorship of Hope Douglas, she went on to receive a Connecticut wildlife rehabilitator license in 2007, and in 2012 earned a Federal Fish and Wildlife permit to rehabilitate birds of prey. She is a member of IWRA, NWRA, and CWRA.

Tamara Miglio

tmTamara Miglio has been a member of Wind Over Wings since 1989. She first became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for Eastern Cottontail Rabbits before joining the educational team at Wind Over Wings. She has since assisted in over 3,000 educational and “Soaring with Hope” programs. Tamara is still living in Connecticut, and since Wind Over Wings has moved to Maine, she has become a volunteer at High Hopes, a therapeutic riding center located in Old Lyme, CT, and Forgotten Felines, a no-kill shelter for cats located in Clinton, CT. She looks forward to visiting Maine in the future and doing additional programs with Wind Over Wings whenever possible.

Donald Webster

dwAfter receiving a chemical engineering degree from Yale in 1955, Don Webster spent four years in the Air Force where his interests became focused on occupational health, which deals with employee exposure to chemicals, dust, radiation, noise and other hazards in the workplace. That interest led to a master’s degree in public health from the University of Michigan in 1962. After twenty-four years of employment with Bethlehem Steel Corporation, he moved on to Bellcore, a telecommunications group in Red Bank, New Jersey. In 1998 he retired to Clinton Connecticut, after marrying Gail, an old flame from his Air Force days in Florida. Over the years they have enjoyed gardening, hiking, biking, camping and skiing, and have enjoyed travels to Europe, Africa, Mexico and South America. After the Bald Eagle, Denali, spread magnificent eagle wings during one of Hope’s programs that Don attended in 2001, the urge to volunteer at Wind Over Wings was immediate. Cleaning the aviaries was his first (and humbling) assignment, but he advanced to general handyman and soon was involved in many activities. Don states that he is honored to be on the Board of Directors.

Elaine Abel

eaElaine Abel was introduced to Wind Over Wings in 1989 when Hope Douglas applied for permits to build aviaries in Westbrook, Connecticut. As Zoning Officer, it was Elaine’s job to help Wind Over Wings through the permitting process. Shortly thereafter, Elaine and her family moved to midcoast Maine where she started a construction and property management company. After seeing an article in a local newspaper about Wind Over Wings having moved to Maine, Elaine attended an educational program and began volunteering.

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