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There are many ways, detailed below, to get involved with Wind Over Wings. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated!


Adopt a Bird through Wind Over WingsAn adoption makes a memorable gift to an adult or child, and in turn helps support our birds in many ways. Students and classrooms have raised money to pay for adoptions. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know these special ambassadors and to help Wind Over Wings continue our work in environmental education and rehabilitation. Read more >


Teddy Fund, a memorial fund for special needs children created by Wind Over WingsDonations to the Teddy Fund are made in the memory of a loved one. This allows us to give bird programs to children with special needs. This fund was created in memory of Teddy Ebersol, son of Susan Saint James and Dick Ebersol. Read more >


Soaring with Hope, a cancer program at Wind Over WingsCancer is a disease that touches everyone, whether it’s a relative, co-worker or neighbor who’s been diagnosed. During these times, hearing survival stories can make all the difference. Read more >



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Make a difference in the lives of the birds in our care! Your tax-deductible donation supports the care and feeding of all the birds at Wind Over Wings. To learn more about each bird, please see BIRDS IN OUR CARE.