Experience the Wonder

Experience the wonder of being a few feet away from a magnificent bird of prey, a rambunctious raven or a humorous parrot. Wind Over Wings will bring birds into your classroom, conference center, auditorium, place of worship, or home for environmental education programs. Each bird is an individual, and each has a story. Birds in our care are unable to survive in the wild. Each of them inspires us with their stories — stories of courage, adaptability and resilience. Each of our ten programs is conducted by trained educators and is interactive and age-appropriate. There are no limits to the number of people who may attend a program. Programs may be scheduled for up to an hour in length and customized to the audience’s needs and requests.

The birds are available for programs at libraries, environmental organizations, places of worship and other programs open to the public.

Our program, “Soaring with Hope”, is an inspirational program for cancer centers, support groups, survivor events, and caregivers. Both the stories and lives of the birds have comforted many throughout the years.

Our International Parrot Conservation program features parrots bred in captivity who are now ambassadors for wild parrots. They help us understand the importance of caring for the earth and all its wildlife.

Donations made to The Teddy Fund in memory of a loved one allow us to give bird programs to children with special needs.

Bio: Hope Douglas

Hope Douglas founded this nonprofit organization about twenty-five years ago. Prior to this, she was Executive Director of Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut for ten years. She is past President of the Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Association and was Vice President of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council as well as its Executive Director. She teaches wildlife conservation internationally including India and Peru. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and is featured in Who’s Who in the World.


We are licensed by the State and USFW, but not funded by either, so program fees are how this nonprofit organization is supported.

Additional Programs

Our Teachers Resources page lists some wonderful books and internet resources for teachers, and our Children’s Corner offers some entertaining games for children.

For information or to schedule a program, email us or call Hope Douglas at (207) 809-9168.


Soaring with Hope!

This inspiring program is designed for cancer patients and their families, clinicians and other caregivers. Hope Douglas, founder of Wind Over Wings and a breast cancer survivor, shares remarkable stories of raptors and what they teach us about learning to cope with life’s changes and unexpected challenges. We also have a Soaring program specifically designed for enrichment for cancer center faculty. Read more about Soaring with Hope.

The Extraordinary Lives of Owls
Owls are thought to have been on this earth 75 million years and yet many adults have never seen a live owl! This is a chance to meet a Saw-whet Owl (New England’s smallest owl); a Great Horned Owl (New England’s largest); and an Eastern Screech-Owl. Plus, you may include a fourth bird, perhaps a falcon or hawk. We will talk about owls’ remarkable hearing, sight, and ability to fly silently, plus special areas of interest such as how to spot an owl in the wild. In addition if you wish, we’ll bring a PowerPoint program to show the owls of New England plus three live owls.
International Birds

This program gives children and adults a chance to meet birds from all over the world. In addition to exploring their natural habitats and migration routes, we also discuss the endangered status of some and the impressive conservation efforts that are being made to save them. Among others, birds may include: the Blue-throated Macaw from Bolivia, the Umbrella Cockatoo from Indonesia, the Red-shouldered Hawk, a bird that travels to and from Mexico and the American Kestrel, a winter visitor to Bermuda. The program includes a world map as well as relevant geographical information and your choice of four birds.

Feathers and Flight

Did you ever wonder how birds fly, or how airplanes get off the ground? This is your chance to find out. Wind Over Wings will bring three birds of prey to discuss the magic of flight. We will bring a large owl to demonstrate silent flight when she flaps her wings; a kestrel who is a falcon among the fastest creatures on earth and a Saw-whet Owl who had flown into a window. We discuss solutions to prevent window strikes.

Bird Brains

Considered one of the most intelligent bird species on the planet, the star of this program is Zachariah, the Common Raven. We will discuss avian intelligence, adaptability and play.

Birds of Prey!
This program includes three raptors. Their stories will be told along with the natural history of each species. You may wish to have a variety; for example, two owls and a kestrel. Or, you may wish to have two birds of prey and one raven (who thinks that he is a bird of prey.)


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Make a difference in the lives of the birds in our care! Your tax-deductible donation supports the care and feeding of all the birds at Wind Over Wings. To learn more about each bird, please see BIRDS IN OUR CARE.