Birds in Our Care

All of the birds in our care have permanent injuries that prevent them from being released back to the wild where they would be unable to take care of themselves. All the birds live in aviaries located in a large area surrounded by forest. Each aviary is appropriately sized to each specific species and follows federal guidelines. The birds are fed daily according to their dietary needs and have excellent health benefits! We never withhold food even while training the birds for educational programs. Our training methods include reading and talking to the birds so they become accustomed to the human voice. We also spend a great deal of time with them in their aviaries as we build a relationship of mutual trust. Each bird in our educational service has adapted to a new life and has grown accustomed to being in front of the public.

Please find more information on all our birds by making a selection on their image below or through our main menu. We hope you enjoy their stories and have a chance to meet some of them at one of our public programs.

The Golden Eagles, Skywalker and Chrysos, Reunited

Skywalker joined Wind Over Wings from Nebraska in 1996. Sky’s wing had been damaged from being intentionally shot and he was unable to fly. It took him over two years to trust people enough to step up on a glove in preparation for his life in education. Through the years this magnificent Golden Eagle accompanied us on over 3500 environmental education programs and he is still going strong! During those years we added a lovely Golden Eagle female, Chrysos. which means gold in Greek, to the Wind Over Wings faculty.

The two eagles formed a bond immediately. Initially both allowed us to take one of them to programs, but then Chrysos decided that she wanted Sky with her and not with us. Getting him for a program was challenging especially during breeding season. Putting oneself between two Golden Eagles who want to stay together was not a comfortable situation. However, they needed to work. We made the difficult decision to request from USFW a transfer of Chrysos to Horizon Wings in Ashford, Connecticut. Both eagles seemed to adjust well, although I always felt that Sky missed her.

Last year, I requested that Sky also be transferred to join his lady. Fortunately, Horizon Wings has a large aviary which may be divided if the two eagles were to become aggressive during breeding season. This photo was taken by Horizon Wings at the reunion of Skywalker and Chrysos. It was the right decision! ~ Hope Douglas


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