Our Mission

Wind Over Wings is a nonprofit educational service featuring magnificent birds who are unable to survive in their natural environment and who have overcome extraordinary obstacles in their lives. Each bird is an individual and each has a story. Click here to view a recent interview by 207! [Read more >]

Skywalker ~ Golden Eagle
Crecelle ~ American Kestrel
Zachariah ~ Raven
Teddy ~ Northern Saw-whet Owl
Chrysos ~ Golden Eagle
Cinnamon ~ Northern Saw-whet Owl
Zelda ~ Raven
Pippin ~ Northern Saw-whet Owl
Tanaraq ~ Harlan (subspecies of Red-tailed Hawk)
Queen Solomon ~ Great-horned Owl
Keel ~ Bald Eagle
Cedar ~ Northern Saw-whet Owl
Chaplin ~ Red-tailed Hawk
Tansy ~ Eastern Screech Owl
Loki ~ Raven


Lady Grace Debut

You are invited to the debut of the young Bald Eagle, Lady Grace, who will be presented to the audience on a glove on October 25, 2014 at 2:00pm at the Topsham Library in Topsham, Maine. We are honoring all those who helped save this eagle’s life. Although this world is in trauma, 13 people contributed their time and talents to help one young seriously injured eagle in trouble. We will also salute the Cathance River Education Alliance for their continuous support of our educational service, and special recognition to Grace Rowe after whom this eagle was named. On board for this special program in addition to Lady Grace will be the Golden Eagle, a Saw-whet Owl, and an Eastern Screech-Owl. Spend the afternoon with us!!



Follow the birds and discover ways that education can make connections that lead to conservation and stewardship of our natural world — includes some incredible resources and books for teachers!


We hold regular public events, and they’re constantly changing. Well keep you apprised of them here along with any other events we think might interest you.


A wonderful gift for any occasion, all the birds currently in our care are up for adoption. We’ll provide you with a photo and bio of the bird you adopt!


Cancer is a disease that touches everyone — whether it’s a relative, co-worker or neighbor who’s been diagnosed. During these times, hearing survival stories can make all the difference.


We have created a fund to celebrate the memory of a loved one, and we call it the Teddy Fund. Donations made in a person’s memory will provide live bird programs for children with special needs.


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Make a difference in the lives of the birds in our care! Your tax-deductible donation supports the care and feeding of all the birds at Wind Over Wings. To learn more about each bird, please see BIRDS IN OUR CARE.